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For six centuries St Mary's has looked out over the changing face of its community and shared in its development. It has been the focal point for the community to celebrate and to mourn: to celebrate the accession of monarchs, elections, festivals, concerts, local and national occasions; to mourn those lost it two world wars and conflicts since, the deaths of kings and of a Princess, and of our more intimate relatives, friends and acquaintances.

Music at St Mary's has inspired, uplifted and entertained people over many generations. Central to this has been St Mary's very special organ – entrusted to our care by our predecessors. It is sadly beginning to feel its age and is only kept going with first aid, a wing and a prayer! With the support of the Church, the Trustees of the Charity have decided to completely renovate the organ following a consultant's report indicating a need to expend £200,000+ on essential repairs and improvements.

St Mary's Moseley has a long heritage of offering traditional choral worship whilst also presenting contemporary performances and recitals. To maintain and develop this exciting blend of tradition and new, we need to ensure that the organ receives the repairs and upgrades that will keep it playing well into the future so that successive generations can continue to enjoy it both in worship and in concert. Please do all you can to secure this vital part of Moseley's heritage.

Revd Duncan Strathie
Vicar of Moseley
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