Little guide to writing Thought for the Day

  • Write between 200 – 300 words.
  • Let your unique voice come through.
  • You can also do this as a family or a couple.
  • You can refer to all of the readings for your Sunday or just one or even just concentrate on just a verse that speaks to you.
  • If you prefer you can focus on a theme on a day when we celebrate a particular festival like Harvest or Remembrance.
  • If you can, spend a bit of time praying with one or more of the readings before writing.
  • Keep it simple – stick to one or two points.
  • It’s not a platform for expressing particular political views.
  • Submit your Thought for the Day to the Church Office by the Tuesday before your Sunday so that it can be printed on time.

And many thanks for giving this Ministry of Writing a go. It’s a simple way of complimenting the themes from the Bible shared in church each Sunday. Try not to worry about not being ‘deep’ enough. You are sharing your response to the Word of God in your life, and that is enough. Enjoy!