Reading the Bible in church

Thanks to a generous donation from a charity, NRSV pew Bibles have been ordered for use in church. Page numbers will be published on the pew leaflet, alongside details of the readings set for each Sunday, but there will also be a need to announce the page numbers before the reading. You will need the pew leaflet to hand in order to find the page number to be announced.

We will print this on the lectern to help you, but when you are reading in church please could you announce the reading in the way:

The reading is from [NAME OF BOOK] chapter [X] beginning to read at verse [X]. This can be found on page [X] of the pew Bibles.

Then a short pause before you begin to read …

When you are reading in church, do remember to speak into the microphone, adjusting it to the right height as necessary; the microphone is there to help you, but it won’t do all the work for you, there is still a need to speak slowly and clearly and project your voice.

Many thanks for assisting with our worship in this way,
Revd Duncan Strathie and Revd Hazel White