Order for the Eucharist in Lent

Welcome to our service

The period of Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and lasts for forty days. The last week is Holy Week which leads to Good Friday and, ultimately, the triumph of Easter.

During Lent Christians traditionally examine their spiritual lives and search out their faults and failures resolving to resolve them with the help of the Holy Spirit We, too, should examine own lives and may be led, as a result, to give something up as a part of our Lenten journey. This is, however, a slightly negative approach and perhaps we should be more positive and, instead, adc something to our spiritual path. Lent should be a time when ’less is more’; a period in which we set aside the distractions of the world to enter a spirit o fasting, prayer and devotion. We can thus find space in which to focus upon, anc be enriched by, the essentials of our faith. Before the service use the time to be still and silent; to pray and to offer your life to God.

Immediately prior to the start of the service notices are given and a period of silence is held to prepare for worship.