Thought for the week, 9 April 2017

By Christopher Ardagh-Walter

A Palm Cross

This little symbol, given to thousands on Palm Sunday, Is a memento of what happened to Jesus as he rode into Jerusalem. How should I read it?

It really happened! The events of this Holy Week are not a vague 'believe it if you like' religious theory. They actually took place, and also they show how some people do treat their fellows.

'Hosanna to the King'. In spite of what the democratic world says, to obey Jesus Christ is not a sign of weakness. It does not diminish us or reduce our strength or manhood. Christ is King. To say that, to shout 'Hosanna' and then to do what He tells us. That requires courage and faith in Jesus Christ our Lord.

The next time the crowd gathered was on Friday, Passover time, and their King was on trial. Then those same people snarled, 'Crucify him'. Perhaps someone picked up a discarded palm leaf from the dust and twisted it into a cross. That's what to do with him. The one Man who did not change, but stayed true, was Jesus.

Do teach children it is not a plaything. This is a cross for us to reverence; to honour the Lord who gave his life for us. So I will keep it where I say my prayers as a wonderful reminder.

It is an empty cross. He rose from death, and comes back to those who follow him.

Have a Happy Easter!