Thought for the week, 14 May 2017

by Elisabeth Leicester

“So what happened in the end?” The attraction of many stories rest on the escape of a character from a desperate difficulty. But in real life the situation may be somewhat different. One wonders how Stephen felt when he was attacked by a violent mob. (Acts 7:57).

Did he know of Jesus’ words, “Let not your hearts be troubled.” (John 14:1). The scripture does tell us that he saw Jesus welcoming him.

In the Christian Aid prayer paper for this special week we read, “Nejebar fled violence in Afghanistan, but her hopes for a safe, peaceful future for her family feel like a distant dream”. It seems little has changed since Stephen’s ordeal, but perhaps many find encouragement in Jesus’ words, and often a refugee of a different faith will say, “Please pray for me”.

In my Bible the heading over John chapter 14 reads “Jesus comforts His disciples”. As his friends, we can offer comfort to others – perhaps simple companionship, a shared meal, a supportive phone call. By our prayers and gifts we may have the privilege of helping some refugees’ dream of a “safe, peaceful future” come a little closer