Thought for the week, 25 June 2017

by Jennifer Holloway

June has been very eventful this year. It has included acts of terrorism, the General Election and the aftermath of its results, the tragedy in Grenfell Tower, a time of exams in centres of learning, unusual weather and, in case you missed it, the shortening of daylight hours! We have seen acts of resilience, courage and humanity, where the goodness of the majority shines through, and where the gifts we have all been given have been used for the benefit of others.

Gifts have been highlighted, too, here in Moseley, and in our benefice. Moseley in Bloom and the successful Churchyard Community Open Day yesterday are the result of much hard work and preparation, and we give thanks for all those who enabled us to enjoy these special treats. And there are other good events planned for us to enjoy during the rest of the summer months.

The psalms can give us food for thought in the many situations that confront us in life. One I think is relevant for today is Psalm 138, which you may care to read.

And finally, a short song I recollect we learned in Sunday School and which was sung especially during June. I suspect it had a Victorian origin. As I still remember it the words had, and have, an impact.

Glad that I live am I; that the sky is blue.
Glad for the country lanes; and the fall of dew.
After the sun the rain; after the rain the sun.
This is the way of life till the work be done.
All that we need to do, be we low or high,
Is to see that we grow nearer the sky.