Thought for the week, 11 June 2017

by Janet Thorne

In today’s reading Matthew records Jesus telling his chosen disciples to go to all peoples everywhere and make them into disciples. Quite a tall order!

Discipleship has quite a high profile in this benefice and we are lucky to have time dedicated to encouraging and enabling us all to explore and develop our potential skills and to gain a greater understanding of the teachings of Jesus. But this must then be put to use and we all have a part to play in helping to grow God’s kingdom here in Moseley.

We should not be afraid to respond to the challenges presented to us in our two churches and in the local communities that they serve, but we are sometimes reluctant to get involved. Conversely, all too often, we fail to recognize many of the little things that we do in our everyday lives and outside of the church context as acts of discipleship and as helping to grow God’s kingdom.

The Feast of the Trinity is a Holy Day of Obligation in the Catholic Church, obligation reminding us that our first duty is to God. How often do we bow out when it comes to being a witness for Him?

The good news is that Jesus assured his disciples that he would be with them always to the end of the age. So we are not alone. The task doesn’t sound so difficult then does it?