Thought for the week, 2 July 2017

by Jenny Allen

In the days of the Prophet Jeremiah, and later Matthew, the spreading of news was mostly by word of mouth. In our world today news comes to us by a variety of methods: radio, TV, internet etc. However, I believe we also share with our ancestors the dangers of ‘fake news’. But because, like them, we long for certainty, so often we can be duped by false prophets and disciples.

Recently I was asked if I had been frightened as a child, having been born just before the outbreak of the Second World War. I can remember hearing the sirens which warned of bombs coming our way, and also visiting the purpose built shelter on the corner of our street, but being frightened did not really cross my mind. I felt certain my parents would protect me. Of course I was lucky. Unlike children today I was spared the images of death and destruction which are broadcast seemingly daily. Our only source of news was a radio which I believe helped my parents to provide me with a degree of certainty in what was a time of great uncertainty. Not unlike the times we are living in today. Of course I could choose to switch off the radio, TV and computer, just like many people I know who do.

However, perhaps it would be better as a Christian for me to share my certainty of the good news of God's love and gift of reconciliation to a broken world.