Thought for the week, 15 October 2017

By Vernon Batsford

The Gospel Reading today is yet another of those parables Jesus used to illustrate his teachings in a form that is understandable to those who hear it. At this distance in time it is difficult to comprehend the meaning of them – times and people have changed and the meaning of the parables is far from obvious to today's readers. Certainly they cannot be taken too literally.

Most parables seem to refer to the pursuit of a belief in God as taught by Jesus and this is probably a good example of that.

The invitation to the wedding is an invitation to follow the teachings of Jesus. The first invitees refused on the grounds that they were too busy looking after their own interests. Perhaps the servants who were killed represented martyrs who were murdered for their faith. The man who attended in the wrong clothing must be someone who appeared, wishing to be seen to be there, whilst not actually accepting the teachings of Jesus. In general terms it perhaps means that the selfrighteous are not welcome.

While the language may not be relevant to those of us reading it today, the message certainly is even though it is open to many different interpretations.