If you are here for the first time, please do introduce yourself to a sidesperson or priest. There is a loop system for the hard-of-hearing available in the nave at St Mary’s and in any part of the church at St Anne’s.

Lighting a Candle

Please feel free to light candles to pray for someone. Candle stands are in the Magnificat Chapel at the end of the North Aisle in St Mary’s. Prayer boards are also adjacent.

Your Offering

A collection for the work of the church is usually taken during each service. There will also be a collection from the parents in the children’s groups. Please use the Gift Aid envelope. The Churches will reclaim 25p of tax on every £1 that you give on or after 6/4/2008. Standing order and Gift Aid forms are available in both churches, please see Jamie Sheehan at St Anne’s or Stephen Lewis at St Mary’s.