Child Protection Policy, 2015

For the Benefice of Moseley

In accordance with ‘God’s Children: Our Diocese’
published by Birmingham Diocese

The Benefice is committed to:

  • The safeguarding, care and nurture of the children within the church community.
  • Careful selection and training of all volunteers and paid workers with children and young people using the Disclosure and Barring Service, amongst other tools to check the background of each person.
  • Responding promptly to complaints made, that a child or young person for whom we are responsible might have been harmed.
  • Fully co-operating with statutory agencies during any investigation they make into allegations concerning a member of the church community.
  • Offering informed pastoral care to any child, young person or adult who has suffered abuse via the named Child Protection Co-ordinator.
  • Caring for and supervising any member of our church community known to have offended against a child.