Programme 2016

The story of our life intersects with other stories. Each month we are coming together in the West Room at St Mary’s at 7:30 p.m. to watch a complete film together and then to reflect on how the story intersects with our story – and God’s story. Every now and again there may be pizza or popcorn!

So that we come to the film with no preconceptions, each month sets up an invitation to come and reflect on a range of themes rather than headline the title of the film we will watch. Some films are longer than others but we will aim to finish the evening by 10:00 p.m. So here is an invitation to explore and reflect on…

  • bbfc_u.jpgJan 27 … forgiveness, friendship, betrayal and sacrifice.
  • bbfc_u.jpgFeb 17 … what does it mean to be human?
  • bbfc_u.jpgMar 16 … sin, community, forgiveness and punishment.
  • bbfc_u.jpgApr 20 … the pressure to conform to cultural expectations.
  • bbfc_u.jpgMay 18 … parallel worlds and coping with guilt.
  • bbfc_u.jpgJun 15 … taboos surrounding death.
  • bbfc_u.jpgSep 21 … the seduction of nostalgia.
  • bbfc_u.jpgOct 19 … defending against emotional attack.
  • bbfc_u.jpgNov 16 … loss, grief, love and betrayal.
  • bbfc_u.jpgDec 21 … maintaining your relationship in later life.

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