Choirs Newsletter, 29 September 2017

At the start of a new month here's information to keep you posted going forward. We’re always open to new members to sing with us: feel free to pass this on to others who may be interested.

Sunday October 1st: Harvest Festival:

10:00am: Parish Eucharist (Robed)
Hymns: 287; 284; 283; 290
Introit: Cauliflowers Fluffy (Juniors)
Setting: Osborne / Warren
Anthems: The Fruits of the Land (Ogden)
Look At The World (Rutter)
6:30pm: Evensong: Keble (Robed)
Hymns: 602: 14ii; 23
Responses: Ferial Psalm: 124
Mag.: 1 Nunc: 3
Anthem: Hail Gladdening Light (Stainer)

Sunday October 8th:

10:00am: Parish Eucharist (Singers)
Hymns: 291(vss.5-8); 592; 147; 588
Setting: Osborne / Warren
Anthem: Prepare Your Hearts (Jacob Handl)
6:30pm: Evensong (Robed)
Hymns: 448; 104 (om*); 22
Responses: Ferial Psalm: 136
Mag.: 4 Nunc: 6
Anthem: Thy Perfect Love (Rutter)

Sunday October 15th:

10:00am: Parish Eucharist (Robed)
Hymns: 766; 800; 436; 365
Setting: Osborne / Warren
Anthem: Rejoice in the Lord Always (Purcell)
6:30pm: Evensong (Singers)
Hymns: 653; 749i; 21
Responses: Ferial Psalm: 139 (vss. 1-18)
Mag.: 7 Nunc: 9
Anthem: Te Deum in B flat (Stanford)

Sunday October 22nd:

10:00am: Parish Euchrist with Baptism (Joint)
Hymns: 769; 326 (137); 812; 612
Setting: Osborne / Warren
Anthem: O Thou the Central Orb (Wood)
6:30pm: Evensong (Robed)
Hymns: 721ii; 822 (649); 724
Responses: Ferial Psalm: 142 (&143)
Magnificat: 10 Nunc: 12
Anthem: Save Us O Lord (Bairstow)

Sunday October 29th:

10:00am: Parish Eucharist (Joint)
Hymns: 5 (25); 648i; 510; 348
Setting: Osborne / Warren
Anthems: Greater Love (Ireland)
6:30pm: Evensong (Robed)
Hymns: 780ii; 524; 18
Responses: Ferial Psalm: 119 (vss. 89-104)
Magnificat: 10 Nunc: 12
Anthem: Ubi Caritas et Amor (arr. Bullard)

Dear All,

Here we are approaching October already and Harvest is upon us! Harvest Festival Service is at 10:00am on Sunday with our young Trebles singing with the Robed Choir. An interesting song from school starts the service off!

Saturday October 14th is the RSCM Festival Service at St Chad’s Cathedral. There’s a morning rehearsal (10:30-12:00) for any who would like note-bashing. The afternoon rehearsal is from 1:00-4:00pm (with a refreshment break). Robe at 5:00pm for service at 5:30pm. Directed by David Saint with John Pryer at the organ this should be a special occasion.

You’ll notice that October 22nd is down as a “Joint Choirs” affair: this is because it is the Baptism of little Abigail McLeod! All members of Singers are warmly invited to share this service with us to celebrate Neil, Rachel and Isabelle’s newest addition. I’m sure you’d wish to help give Abigail a good start in life.

October 29th is the “official” joint service as it is a 5th Sunday.

There will be the usual All Souls Service on the evening of November 5th. This may be at St Anne’s or St Mary’s. More anon.

Once we’re into November we hit Remembrance Sunday very quickly: November 12th. As usual, we hope to have our afternoon workshop and joint evening service. This year we hope to revisit Rutter’s “Requiem”: a melodic, affecting and sincere work.

The November Saturday Coffee Concert will be ourselves providing seasonal music for the Benefice Christmas Fair. Please note the date: November 25th and make yourselves available if at all possible.

There will be the usual “birthday celebration” on the evening of Friday November 27th this year to which both Singers and Robed Choir are invited. This is because we shall need our Thursday rehearsal to prepare for the Advent Service on Sunday December 3rd. This will be led by Rev Frank.

We have also been invited to sing carols at the QE Hospital. We have been given some dates and slots. I’ll circulate these seperately so folk can sign up for this.

Enough for now, I suspect. More anon.

All the best,