Choirs Information, 20 October 2017

As we’re at half term and approaching the Remembrance / Advent / (dare I say!) Christmas season here’s information to keep you posted going forward. We’re always open to new members to sing with us – feel free to pass this on to others who may be interested.

Sunday 22 October

10:00am: Parish Eucharist with Baptism (Joint Choirs)
Hymns: 769; 326 (137); 812; 612
Setting: Osborne / Warren
Anthem: O Thou the Central Orb (Wood)
6:30pm: Evensong (Robed)
Hymns: 721ii; 822 (649); 724
Responses: Ferial Psalm: 142 (&143)
Magnificat: 10 Nunc: 12
Anthem: Save Us O Lord (Bairstow)

Sunday 29 October

10:00am: Parish Eucharist (Joint Choirs)
Hymns: 5 (25); 648i; 510; 348
Setting: Osborne / Warren
Anthems: Greater Love (Ireland)
6:30pm: Evening Service of Wholeness and Healing (No Choirs)

Sunday 5 November: All Saints

10:00am: Parish Eucharist (SINGERS)
5.00pm: All Souls Service at St. Anne's (No Choirs)
6:30pm: No service at St. Mary's

Sunday 12 November: Remembrance Sunday

10:00am: Parish Eucharist (Robed Choir and Junior Trebles)
2.00pm-5.00pm: Workshop on Rutter Requiem
5:30pm: Rehearsal for Evening Service
6:30pm: Evening Service of Music and Readings for Remembrance Sunday

Dear All,

First of all, grateful thanks to all who came and supported the RSCM Festival at St. Chad's Cathedral last Saturday. It was an excellent occasion, directed with good humour and gentleness by Professor David Saint. Archbishop Longly and Dean, Canon Gerry Breen, were delighted with the service and look forward to welcoming us again on another occasion.

Last Monday I ran a further Festival at St. Chad's: this time a Schools' Festival and was very heartened by the enthusiasm of some 150 pupils from 5 Brimingham schools. The service was led by Canon Breen who, again, looks forward to a return match next year.

Next Thursday sees the arrival of our friends from St. Petersburg, The Voskresenije Ensemble, for what is sure to be an excellent evening concert. Singers' rehearsal that night will be an opportunity to hear some wonderful choral music from Russia - do come and enjoy!

Our next musical offering for our community will be the Rutter Requiem Workshop on the afternoon of Sunday, November 12th - Remembrance Sunday. We're delighted that Kevin Gill will be our organist on this occasion. We look forward to making him welcome again. See below for details.

Next you'll notice that October 22nd is down as a "Joint Choirs" affair: this is because it is the Baptism of little Abigail McLeod! All members of Singers are warmly invited to share this service with us to celebrate Neil, Rachel and Isabelle's newest addition. I'm sure you'd wish to help give Abigail a good start in life.

An event to note: Jeanne Conard's Recital at St. Alban's Church, Highgate on Saturday October 28th at 7.30pm. We know Jeanne's excellent Saturday Coffee Concerts for us (next in May 2018!) and here's a chance to hear an extended programme including American art songs and spirituals in the superb acoustics of St. Alban's Church. All are warmly invited to attend.

October 29th is the "official" joint service as it is a 5th Sunday. That evening there will not be a Choir or Singers presence as it is a Service of Healing and Wholeness, taken by Rev. Conan.

Once we get to November there will be usual swopping round of services for various reasons: Singers covering All Saints morning (Nov 5) and Robed Choir Remembrance (Nov 12). Singers will also cover December 3rd Evening (Advent Carols). Your usual forbearance and good humour will be welcomed!

There will be the usual All Souls Service on the evening of November 5th. This will be at St. Anne's at 5.00pm. However, I'm aware that it clashes with the Symphony Hall concert with which many of our folk are involved. Hazel and I will dispense with a choral presence and leave it to Christopher Cipkin to provide suitable organ music for the occasion.

Remembrance Sunday, November 12th. As usual, we will have our afternoon workshop and joint evening service. This year we revisit Rutter's "Requiem" - melodic, affecting and sincere a work. Do invite friends, choir colleagues and others to join us for the afternoon rehearsal (a £5.00 charge for visitors): 2.00pm-5.00pm with refreshment break; 5.30pm run through and Evening Service at 6.30pm.

The November Saturday Coffee Concert will be ourselves providing seasonal music for the Benefice Christmas Fair. Please note the date: November 25th and make yourselves available if at all possible.

Regarding this: Philip Simons has put out a plea for contributions towards the Music Team's "Chocolate Tombola Stall" together with volunteers to man this periodically during the event (apart from when we're singing, of course!).

There will be the usual "birthday celebration" on the evening of Friday November 27th this year to which both Singers and Robed Choir are invited. This is because we shall need our Thursday rehearsal to prepare for the Advent Service on Sunday December 3rd. This will be led by Rev Frank. Note, Singers, 5.30pm rehearsal that day.

We have also been invited to sing carols at the QE Hospital. We have been given some dates and slots. In speaking with Singers, it appears that a lunch time slot (exact timings tbc) would be preferable to evenings (the QE tells me that lunchtimes are better for "audience" too). The dates available are:

(All December dates): Tuesday 5th, Friday 8th, Friday 15th, Monday 18th, Wednesday 20th, Thursday 21st, Friday 22nd. Any available Robed Choir welcome too!

Robed Choir Christmas events should be: Friday 8th December (Kings Heath) and Monday 18th (Leamington) both tbc.

Finally, having spoken with Singers last night and with Robed Choir this evening, it's worth reminding us all of the issues of Safeguarding within church. It's inadvisable at any time for any of us to be alone in any of our spaces with a youngster for any reason or to interact physically with them even from the best of intentions (patting on the back or the head to say "well done", or brushing marks from their cassocks for example). It's a sad reflection on society that such simple or instinctive things can be misconstrued and lead to unfortunate misunderstandings - or worse. Youngsters are quite rightly warned in school to be vigilant and aware of the presence of adults; they can react negatively to perceived unwarranted interventions and parents can be unecessarily concerned. So, with a little thought and vigilance about our own actions we can all coexist happily together while avoiding any misunderstandings.

Enough for now, I suspect. More anon.

All the best,