Choirs Information, 18 November 2017


rutter requiem score


Sunday November 19th: Second Sunday Before Advent

10:00am: Parish Eucharist (SINGERS)
788: (Solo then cong): Take This Moment
512: Christ's Is The World In Which We Move
708: Lift Up Your Hearts
477: Go Forth and Tell!
Setting: Osborne / Warren
Anthem: Walk Humbly With Your God (Malcolm Archer)
6:30pm: Evensong (ROBED CHOIR)
11: As Now the Sun's Declining Rays
226i: Come and See the Lord
15 (om5): Glory to Thee, My God, This Night
Responses: Ferial; Psalm: 89 (19-37)
Mag.: 1; Nunc: 3
Anthem: I Am Alpha (Stainer)

Sunday November 26th: Christ The King

10:00am: Parish Eucharist (ROBED CHOIR)
160: Make Way, Make Way!
557: Beauty for Brokenness
453: Lord Enthroned in Heavenly Splendour
232: The Head That Once Was Crowned With Thorns
Setting: Osborne / Warren
Anthem: Above All Praise (Mendelssohn)
6:30pm: Evensong (Robed Choir)
227: Crown Him With Many Crowns
231: Look, Ye Saints, The Sight Is Glorious
44i: O Child of Promise, Come
Responses: Ferial; Psalm: 93
Mag.: 4; Nunc: 6
Anthem: King of the Ages (Townend & Getty)

Sunday December 3rd: Advent Sunday

10:00am: ROBED CHOIR
6:30pm: SINGERS

NOTE our services in December and into 2018:

  • Sunday 3rd December: 10:00am:
    Robed Choir (Rehearse 9:30am)
    6:30pm: Singers (Rehearse 5:30pm)
  • Sunday 10th December:10:00am:
    Singers (Rehearse 9:30am)
    6:30pm: Robed (Rehearse 5:30pm)
  • Sunday 17th December:10:00am:
    Robed Choir (Rehearse 9:30am)
    6:30pm: Robed (Rehearse 5:00pm, followed by tea at 6:00pm)
  • Sunday 24th December: 10:00am:
    Singers (Rehearse 9:30am)
    5:00pm: CHRISTINGLE SERVICE Joint choirs (Rehearse 5:00pm)
    11:00pm MIDNIGHT EUCHARIST: Robed (Carols in Lady Chapel from 10:45pm)
  • Monday 25th December:
    10:00am: Joint Choirs
  • Sunday 31st December:
    11:00am (no choirs) at St Anne's
  • 2018:

  • Sunday 7th January: EPIPHANY:
    10:00am: Robed AND Singers (Rehearse 9:30am)
    6:30pm: Robed Choir: Rehearse 5:45pm
  • Rehearsals resume:
    TUESDAY 9th January (Trebles)
    THURSDAY 11th January (Singers)
    FRIDAY 12th January (Robed)

Dear All,

Thank you all for your hard work in preparing for our special evening service for Remembrance last Sunday. This was an excellent offering and one which wouldn't have been possible without your dedicated labours. We welcomed a goodly number of new friends to the Workshop and they were delighted to participate in the service. Special thanks to Rachel McLeod (Soprano), Kevin Gill (organ), Kate Stocks (oboe), Barbara Swinn (Flute) and to Jadie Carey (’cello) who not only fitted us in between rehearsals but also had to make her own score by cutting and pasting from pieces of paper. Such professionalism … roll on Palm Sunday!

Now we approach the countdown to Advent and Christmas:

Sunday 19th November:
10:00am SINGERS (plus those Robed Choir members who can drop in for the anthem). Rehearse 9:30am. Special service for Parliament Week led by the Bishop of Birmingham. He is the Convenor of the Lords Spiritual in the House of Lords and will share with us something of the place of spirituality in the governance of our country.
6:30pm: ROBED CHOIR: Rehearse 5:30pm

Saturday November 25th:
The November Saturday Coffee Concert will be ourselves providing seasonal music for the Benefice Christmas Fair. Please make yourselves available if at all possible. We sing at 11:45am

Regarding this:
Philip Simons has put out a plea for contributions towards the Music Team's Chocolate Tombola Stall together with volunteers to man this periodically during the event (apart from when we're singing, of course!). Can we please factor this in for him? Do speak to Phil or to me if you can help.

There will be the usual “birthday celebration” on the evening of Friday December 1st this year to which both Singers and Robed Choir are invited: Piquant Restaurant at 8:00pm. Gather in St Mary's at 7:45pm. This is because we shall need our Thursday 30th rehearsal to prepare for the Advent Service on Sunday December 3rd. This service will be led by Rev Frank. Note: Singers, 5:30pm rehearsal that day.

We have also been invited to sing carols at the QE Hospital. This will be on Thursday, December 21st at 12:00 noon. Details to follow. That evening we have also been invited to Duncan’s home for refreshments at 7:30pm. Please let me know if you can’t make it. There’ll be no evening rehearsal.

Robed Choir Christmas events will be:
Friday 8th December (Kings Heath), departing 8:00pm with robes after practice and
Monday 18th (Leamington) meeting in St Mary's at 8:00pm to collect robes and music.

Finally, you may be interested in this link: it makes salutary reading!

All the best, Mick