Choirs Information, 29 January 2018


Candlemas, 28 January 2018


February Music List

Sunday 4 February: 2nd Before Lent

10:00am: Parish Eucharist (Robed)

Hymns: 676; 822 (94); 741; 547 (715)
Setting: Osborne / Warren
Anthems: Songs of Praise the Angels Sang (Wicks)
0 Thou The Central Orb (Wood)

6:30pm: Evensong (Robed)

Hymns: 810; 546; 533
Responses: Ferial Psalm: 65
Magnificat: 10; Nunc: Tonus Perigrinus
Anthem: The Lord At First Did Adam Make (arr. Wilcocks)

Sunday 11 February: Last Before Lent

10:00am: Parish Eucharist (Singers)

Hymns: 589; 603; 622; 587
Setting: Osborne / Warren
Anthem: Behold, the Tabernacle of God (Harris)

6:30pm: Evensong (Robed)

Hymns: 595; 621; 729
Responses: Ferial; Psalm: 2
Magnificat: 7; Nunc: 9 Anthem: Like As The Hart (Howells)

Wednesday 4 February: Ash Wednesday

7:30pm: Sung Eucharist (Robed)

Hymns: 120; 121 ii; 129; 134
Setting: Byrd Mass for 3 Voices
Anthem: Miserere Mei (Lotti)

Sunday 18 February: Lent I

10:00am: Parish Eucharist (Robed)

Hymns: 121; Resp. Psalm: 0 My People Do Not Harden Your Hearts; 116; 498
Setting: Appleford / Warren
Anthem: Wade in the Water (arr. Weaver) Miserere Mei (Lotti)

6:30pm: Evensong (Singers)

Hymns: 763i; 813; 628
Responses: Plainsong; Psalm: 119 vss. 17-32 (Tone I)
Magnificat: Tone 2 Nunc: 3
Anthem: Adam Lay y Bounden (Ord)

Sunday 25 February: Lent 2

10:00am: Parish Eucharist (Singers)

Hymns: 593; Resp. Psalm: Centre of My Life; 667; 510
Setting: Appleford / Warren
Anthem: Lord For Thy Tender Mercies' Sake (Hilton / Farrant)

6:30pm: Evensong (Robed)

Hymns: 791; 812; 652
Responses: Plainsong; Psalm: 135 vss. 1-14 (Tone 2)
Magnificat: Tone 3; Nunc: Tone 4
Anthem: My Soul There Is A Country (Parry)

Dear All,

Firstly, well done to all for your contribution to this evening's Candlemas Service. Mark and Hazel were very pleased with our offering. The whole service was very moving and thought-provoking - thank you Rev Hazel and Mark for your efforts at putting together such a special service for Candlemas.

It was a tribute that, after a tricky rehearsal on tricky music you all pulled together so well in the service that it all came off! Teamwork won through in the end - well done. The service spoke about living sacrificially - you all did that this evening!!

Find attached our music list for February. Back to normal schedule:

Robed Choir 1st and 3rd Sunday morning / Singers 2nd and 4th.

Robed Choir 1st, 2nd and 4th Sunday evenings / Singers 3rd Sunday evening.

Next Sunday morning sees Robed Choir on at 10.00am: Trebles please be here by 9.20 to robe up and rehearse promptly at 9.30am.

Please also find attached info about Christchurch again - some in this mailing didn't get it last time.

Please return Christchurch slips and monies to Rob Brown by Sunday 18 February.

If you'd like to come to the Plainsong evening speak to me - 4 have already.

All the best, Mick