Stories from the Stones, 30 July 2017

Hi all, How’s the research coming along? Let me know if you need any help or want another memorial to research. At the last session we looked in more detail at how to use probate records—wills and administrations—in our research and how to find them. I’ve attached the powerpoint presentation and a list of useful resources plus a glossary which may be interesting. [These can be downloaded from the Website Library.]

I apologise for late notice but I have decided to postpone the meeting tomorrow, partly because I know a few people are on holiday but also because we have been meeting on the 1st and 3rd Monday in the month and tomorrow would be the 5th Monday this month and throw us out of synch. So we’ll reconvene next Monday 7th August and fortnightly from then. Next time we’ll look at researching military records as there are a number of memorials with military references—not only the Commonwealth War Grave or the War Memorial.

And don’t forget the Heritage Open Day on Sunday 10th September. We’ll be putting up more posters around the churchyard and so I will need text and suggested images by the end of August.

Regards, Liz Palmer
Greenhill Genealogy