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Weekly pew leaflets are published towards the end of each week and give details of services, notices and events for the next week or so. Most of these details are extracted and published separately in the Calendars and Notices menus. Pew leaflets are available also as paper copies in each church.

pdf.pngPew Leaflet, Sunday 5 February 2017
Date 03-02-2017
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pdf.pngPew Leaflet, Sunday 29 January 2017
Date 27-01-2017
File Size 151.24 KB
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pdf.pngPew Leaflet, Sunday 22 January 2017

A note on format

The leaflet available in church is printed on A3 paper and folded into three columns. This is quite difficult to read on a computer screen as the format doesn't fit. For the downloadable version it has been resized to A5 and will print on A4 paper as an eight page brochure. Your PDF viewer will quite happily sort out the print layout for you.

Date 21-01-2017
File Size 172.72 KB
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pdf.pngPew Leaflet, Sunday 15 January 2017 HOT


This edition of the weekly pew leaflet has been formatted in three columns and is intended to print on A3 sized paper. Most printers will however be able to shrink it to print on A4 sized paper.

Date 13-01-2017
File Size 101.75 KB
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pdf.pngPew Leaflet, Sunday 8 January 2017 HOT
Date 06-01-2017
File Size 98.3 KB
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pdf.pngPew Leaflet, Sunday 25 December 2016 HOT
Date 22-12-2016
File Size 93.74 KB
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pdf.pngPew Leaflet, Sunday 18 December 2016
Date 17-12-2016
File Size 99.5 KB
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pdf.pngPew Leaflet, Sunday 11 December 2016
Date 08-12-2016
File Size 100.59 KB
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pdf.pngPew Leaflet, Sunday 4 December 2016
Date 01-12-2016
File Size 96.54 KB
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pdf.pngPew Leaflet, Sunday 27 November 2016 HOT
Date 25-11-2016
File Size 98.78 KB
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